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Vol 5, No 3 (2017) Digital Logistics as an innovative mechanism for the development and effective functioning of the transport and logistics systems and complexes Abstract   PDF (Russian)
G.V. Bubnova, B.A. Levin
Vol 9, No 10 (2021) Digital network-centric systems of data management in civil shipbuilding organizations: development and implementation Abstract   PDF
V. Kalmykov
Vol 8, No 11 (2020) Digital platforms and digital science libraries Abstract   PDF (Russian)
A. M. Elizarov, E. K. Lipachev
Vol 4, No 10 (2016) Digital Railroad - an innovative standards and their role on the example of the UK Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Danila Nikolaev, Vasily Kupriyanovsky, German Sukonnikov, Nikita Utkin, Dmitry Namiot, Dmitry Yartsev
Vol 4, No 10 (2016) Digital Railroad - an integrated information model as the basis of the digital transformation Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Vasily Kupriyanovsky, German Sukonnikov, Dmitry Yartsev, Vitaly Kononov, Sergey Sinyagov, Dmitry Namiot, Andrey Dobrynin
Vol 4, No 10 (2016) Digital Railroad - create digital assets. Based on materials from Network Rail (UK) project asset management system modernization Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Sergey Sinyagov, Vasily Kupriyanovsky, German Sukonnikov, Sergey Bulancha, Dmitry Namiot, Julia Kupriyanovsky
Vol 4, No 9 (2016) Digital Railroad – forecasts, innovations, and projects Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Vasily Kupriyanovsky, German Sukonnikov, Petr Bubnov, Sergey Sinyagov, Dmitry Namiot
Vol 5, No 1 (2017) Digital Railway and the transition from the GSM-R network to the LTE-R and 5G-R - whether it takes place? Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Manfred Sneps-Sneppe, Natalia Fedorova, German Sukonnikov, Vasily Kupriyanovsky
Vol 5, No 6 (2017) Digital sharing economy: technologies, platforms and libraries in industry, construction, transport, and logistics Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Igor Sokolov, Gennady Talashkin, Oleg Dunaev, Aleksandr Zazhigalkin, Vladimir Raspopov, Dmitry Namiot, Oleg Pokusaev
Vol 5, No 8 (2017) Digital supply chains and blockchain-based technologies in a shared economy Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Sergey Sinyagov, Alеxander Klimov, Alеxander Petrov, Dmitry Namiot
Vol 8, No 7 (2020) Digital Transformation and Customers Services: the Banking Revolution Abstract   PDF
Luis Borges Gouveia, Marine Perun, Yousef Ibrahim Daradkeh
Vol 6, No 11 (2018) Digital transformation of regulatory processes: trends, approaches and solutions Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Maxim Averyanov, Olga Baranova, Elena Kochetova, Ruslan Sivakov
Vol 8, No 6 (2020) Digital Transformation: How to transfer your Social Media account into your work platform? Abstract   PDF
Luis Borges Gouveia, Yousef Ibrahim Daradkeh, Daisy Isabella van Steenbergen
Vol 7, No 1 (2019) Digital Transport Projects with Global Navigation Satellite Systems - the road to building integrated digital transport systems Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Igor Sokolov, Alexander Misharin, Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Oleg Pokusaev, Yuri Lipuntsov
Vol 7, No 6 (2019) Digital Twin for R&D organization: approaches and methods Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Fedor Krasnov, Mars Khasanov
Vol 9, No 2 (2021) Digital twins and discrete-event simulation systems Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Dmitry Namiot, Oleg Pokusaev, Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Mikhail Zhabitskii
Vol 8, No 3 (2020) Digital twins based on the development of BIM technologies, related ontologies, 5G, IoT, and mixed reality for use in infrastructure projects and IFRABIM Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Alexander Klimov, Yuri Voropaev, Oleg Pokusaev, Andrey Dobrynin, Igor Ponkin, Alеxander Lysogorsky
Vol 9, No 1 (2021) Digital twins of knowledge and ontologies for higher technology education Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Yuri Volokitin, Oleg Grinko, Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Alexey Korzun, Andrew Almazov, Oleg Pokusaev, Mikhail Zhabitskii
Vol 7, No 5 (2019) Digital twins’ introduction as one of the major directions of industrial digitalization Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Nadеzhda Kurganova, Мichael Filin, Dmitry Cherniaev, Artem Shaklein, Dmitry Namiot
Vol 6, No 9 (2018) Direct Manipulation of B-Spline Abstract
Youssef Ali Alhendawi
Vol 9, No 7 (2021) Discrete Event Modeling for Metro System Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Oleg Pokusaev, Dmitry Namiot, Alexander Chekmarev
Vol 4, No 5 (2016) DISN Network as the prototype of the network connection of civil defense NG 112 Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Manfred Sneps-Sneppe, Sergey Seleznev, Vasily Kupriyanovsky
Vol 5, No 7 (2017) Disparity map generation from satellite stereo pair images and estimating height information using machine learning algorithms Abstract   PDF
Arati Paul, Krishula Sinha
Vol 5, No 9 (2017) Displaying large sets of dynamically changing remote data in WPF applications Abstract   PDF (Russian)
A. S. Chajkovskaja, K. Ya. Kudrjavtsev, E. K. Pavlov
Vol 8, No 8 (2020) Disruptive technological innovation: concept, meaning and ontology Abstract   PDF (Russian)
Igor Ponkin, Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Svetlana Moreva, Dmitry Ponkin
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