Fever Classification and Remedial Recommendation System

San Hay Mar Shwe, Htet Ne Oo


Healthiness is the most important part in the person’s life. So, knowing of details about disease is essential for everyone. Nowadays, different fevers can be commonly found and every person including doctors wants to decide the disease correctly. So, in this paper fever classification and remedial recommendation system by using decision tree algorithm is presented and also basic characteristics of decision trees are mentioned. In medical decision making (classification, diagnosing, etc.) there are many situations where decision must be made effectively and reliably. Conceptual simple decision making models with the possibility of automatic learning are the most appropriate for performing such tasks. Decision trees are a reliable and effective decision making technique that provide high classification accuracy with a simple representation of gathered knowledge and they have been used in different areas of medical decision making.


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Data mining Classification

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CSE5230 Tutorial: The ID3 Decision Tree Algorithm

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Wolfgang Ertel


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