Research of the Impact of Virtual Reality on Humans

Maria Shirshova, Elena Druzhinskaya, Alexey Penzin, Rinat Gizatullin, Leila Akhmadeeva, Mars Galyautdinov


People's ignorance about the potential side effects of using virtual reality served as an incentive for this study. The main task is to study the effects of VR technologies on physical and psychological health. As a result of the research, it is proved that the use of virtual reality can have physical and psychological consequences for users. Their nature depends on the scenario and the quality of the software implementation. Most of the psychological consequences manifest themselves with regular prolonged immersion in virtual reality. The most common physical side effects are associated with cyberkinetosis. This is a condition close to seasickness caused by the conflict of physical immobility and virtual displacement. If any of the negative side effects occur, all users should terminate the session and allow sufficient time for recovery. To minimize the physical consequences, it is necessary that the working room be spacious enough and free from foreign objects and persons. The presence of an observer is recommended to monitor the user's movement in reality. During the experiment, feedback was received from respondents through observation and questionnaires. As a result, data were obtained on the dependence of physical condition, speed of adaptation in a virtual environment and immersion time on the age of the user. Thus, this article describes the potential consequences of using virtual reality, techniques and recommendations for users. Empirical information was obtained during testing of the virtual reality simulator using a focus group, which included people from different age categories.

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