Development of a software package for solving the problem of trajectory planning with motion control of the manipulation mechanism

Maxim Chaikin


Trajectory planning of the end effector of manipulation mechanisms is one of the most important tasks in the practical application of robots in various fields of technology. This paper describes the development of a software package for automating the trajectory setting process with the condition of ensuring its accurate execution. The developed software allows to form a trajectory based on various source data, solve the direct and inverse kinematics problem, as well as perform an interpolation procedure in order to obtain the laws of change of the generalized coordinates of the manipulation mechanism. The interface for interacting with a human operator is represented by a WEB client written in Vue JS. Interaction with the PostgreSQL database for storing information is carried out through the REST API implemented in the Go programming language. To ensure passage along a given trajectory, a control algorithm based on inverse dynamics problems was considered. The control law was calculated using STM32 family microcontrollers for DC motors with a Hall sensor for position and speed feedback. Data transfer between the WEB client and the manipulation mechanism is carried out using the ESP32 microcontroller, which implements websocket, as well as a REST API for setting control commands. The results of the trajectory planning complex are demonstrated by the example of joint relative manipulation of a mechanism with five degrees of freedom.

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