An Investigation into Router Firmware Security and the Embedded Device Challenge

Raghu Vamsi Potukuchi, Stuti Sharma, Aarushee Krishna, Devika Gupta


In the present IoT world the need for robust network security is more important than ever as the internet-connected gadgets are everywhere and our dependence on networked systems is increasing. Ensuring the safe transfer of data and protecting the connected devices, primarily through routers that serve as gateways to the internet, has become a critical priority. The security of router firmware is of paramount importance because any weaknesses in these vital components could lead to extensive network breaches and data compromises. Due to the growing prominence of embedded devices and many of  which are surprisingly lacking in robust security measures, making them attractive targets for potential attacks. Among them, routers which function as bridges connecting local and global networks have become prime targets for Cyber attacks. To this end, this paper focuses on analyzing the firmware of TP-Link Archer AX55 AX3000 dual band Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 Router crafted by TP-Link technologies. The objective is to conduct a through security analysis to fortify the security of router firmware and then providing countermeasures for strengthening the  safety  and resilience of the Internet’s infrastructure. The insights and recommendations resulting from this work stand to benefit router manufacturers, network administrators, and end-users in their ongoing efforts to combat ever-evolving Cyber threats.

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