Time series databases overview

S.V. Gavrikova


This article examines time series as a data type, its use in the Internet of Things (IoT), and the most popular time series storage platforms (time series databases). Currently, the Internet of Things is in dire need of efficient and optimized time series databases and management systems to deal with heterogeneous data. Time series database management systems (DBMS) are the second most popular category on db-engines.com. The basis for the selection of databases for analysis was mainly the top part of the db-engines.com DBMS rating. The article discusses database structures, data aggregation capabilities, scaling flexibility, storage optimization, security, the ability to use auxiliary tools, query syntax, including examples with time series obtained from sensors. The main goal of this work is to study real-life platforms with their pros and cons, highlight the need for an informed approach to choosing a tool, as well as the critical importance of finding innovative technologies for storing time series for the future of the entire digital society.

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