Architectural approach to the description of the integrated information system of the Eurasian Economic Union

Michail Kolbanev, Natalya Sushcheva, Alexey Shamin


The article develops an architectural approach to the description of deep digitalization systems, subordinating all actions of developers to understanding, comprehending, disclosing the content and meaning of activities in the information environment using new digital tools, using the example of an integrated information system (IIS) of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). Purpose: analysis of the essential properties of IIS EASS and development of proposals for its architectural description. The following issues are consistently considered: 1. The importance of the digital economy (DE) for the development of the EASC member countries. 2. A systematic view of the architectural descriptions of deep digitalization systems. 3. Digital agenda of the EAEU and its comparison with the digital agenda of the European Union, as well as digital development strategies of individual states. 4. Architectural models of deep digitalization of activities in the EAEU. It is shown that architectural solutions should be formalized in the form of functional and multi-level (hierarchical) descriptions, and a thorough conceptual study at the stages of creating the architecture of digital economy systems will improve the efficiency of decisions that will be made at subsequent stages of development, design and operation.

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