Automation of the calculation of the strength of composite materials with a metal matrix using software tools

Yulia Mochalova, Karine Abgaryan


o solve the problem of predicting the mechanical properties of metal composite materials, it is necessary to analyze a large amount of data. Modern software methods and tools make it possible to simulate composite materials and calculate their mechanical properties, which can later be used for analysis. But such calculations require the manual intervention of a specialist, and do not allow collecting and accumulating data in a large volume. In this paper, methods for the theoretical calculation of the mechanical properties of metal composite materials are considered. The theoretical mechanical properties of metal composite materials with a titanium matrix and molybdenum fibers and a silver matrix and molybdenum fibers are calculated. The dependence of the stress concentration factor in matrices on the proportion of fiber was estimated. An approach is described that makes it possible to automate the multi-parameter launch of the calculation of the homogenized properties of a unidirectional composite material with a metal matrix using the Ansys Material Designer software. The implemented approach allows generating large amounts of computational data. Together with the properties obtained from the theoretical calculation, the data can be used to analyze dependencies and build predictive machine learning models to predict the strength properties of methodical composite materials.

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