Enterprise Architecture Design Using TOGAF ADM Framework (SME Case Study: Dormitory House)

Deny Deny, Angellita Herlian, Johanes Fernandes Andry


XYZ is an SME which provides accommodation for university students and staffs. To improve the quality of service and the quality of company management, company need an information system to integrates the departments in the company. The driving factors of information system needs are the increasing number of residents and accuracy in the management of the company. Enterprise Architecture is used for determining architecture for the use of information in supporting the company's business. This research uses the TOGAF ADM Enterprise Architecture framework from the preliminary phase, requirement phase, architecture vision, business architecture, until information system architecture. Result of this research is the proposed TOGAF model that fits the process and business need of the XYZ Company.

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Abava  Absolutech Convergent 2020

ISSN: 2307-8162