On digital technologies, skills, engineering education for transport and education technologies

Aleksander Klimov, Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Igor Sokolov, Eugene Zarechkin, Julia Kupriyanovsky


The article deals with the use of formation technologies in the creation of engineering education projects for the transport sector. The article continues the series of our publications devoted to EdTech. Questions of education and, first of all, engineering education become extremely important. Competitiveness of the transport industry is determined by the introduction of technologies and innovations. For this purpose, it is necessary to have a workforce with the necessary knowledge, skills, competencies, and creativity. All this is an important and necessary element in moving towards the fourth industrial revolution. However, the readiness of the current and future workforce is currently not clearly defined. This is due to lack of knowledge, willingness, planning, coordination and cooperation among different stakeholders. The understanding that the world is changing and the nature of work is changing has long been noted in Russian publications. These changes have dictated an increasingly urgent transformation in what to teach, how to teach and when to teach. It is especially important for transport to understand its development forecast and what skills and knowledge to give. The reason for this is that transport is the foundation of world trade and growth in the economy, and that is why it has to grow faster than ever before to avoid becoming a bottleneck. The paper also focuses on EU projects in the field of open engineering education.


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