Digital Railway and the transition from the GSM-R network to the LTE-R and 5G-R - whether it takes place?

Manfred Sneps-Sneppe, Natalia Fedorova, German Sukonnikov, Vasily Kupriyanovsky


The article is devoted to the construction of a digital railway. The article discusses in detail the implementation of railway signaling. Further, the paper considers the communication network GSM-R, its basic idea, services, and architecture. The paper also covers the basics of LTE and 5G networks, provides a comparison of GSM-R and LTE networks, discussed collaborative tasks for GSM-R networks, LTE-R and 5G-R. The main conclusion is that, given the diversity of train services and scenarios, the architecture of the corresponding mobile communication network should be heterogeneous including various types of access networks operating in different frequency bands and distributed in several frequency bands, several scenarios, and different requirements for mobile network coverage.

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