Information technology in the university system, science and innovation of the digital economy on the example of the UK

В.П. Куприяновский, С.А. Синягов, Д.Е. Намиот, А.П. Добрынин, К.Ю. Черных


This article is devoted to the analysis of innovation in the digital economy. This paper considers the support by the information technologies for innovation process management in the UK. The article considers the organizational structure, governmental institutions, the role of universities and Telecom operators.

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Dobrynin A. P. i dr. Cifrovaja jekonomika-razlichnye puti k jeffektivnomu primeneniju tehnologij (BIM, PLM, CAD, IOT, Smart City, BIG DATA i drugie) //International Journal of Open Information Technologies. – 2016. – T. 4. – #. 1. C. 4-11

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