A Framework for Cloud Migration in Academic Institutions

Yogesh Awasthi, Telon Garikayi, Tendai Masunda Zengeni, Timothy Makambwa


Cloud computing offers numerous benefits to academic institutions, including increased scalability, cost savings, enhanced collaboration, and improved access to resources. As a result, many academic institutions are considering or have already embarked on cloud computing migration initiatives. However, the migration process can be complex and challenging, requiring careful planning and execution. This research paper presents a comprehensive framework for cloud computing migration specifically tailored to academic institutions. The framework encompasses the entire migration lifecycle, from initial assessment and planning to post-migration optimization and governance. It provides guidelines, best practices, and practical recommendations to help academic institutions successfully migrate their IT infrastructure and services to the cloud. The framework takes into account the unique requirements and considerations of academic institutions, such as data security, compliance, research workloads, and student access. By following this framework, academic institutions can streamline their cloud migration efforts and maximize the benefits of cloud computing.

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