Telemetry data as factor of logging ecological effect minimization

M.Yu. Vasenev


In this article is emphasized a movement tracing importance of logging machines for the purpose of environmental negative effect minimization (heavy equipment significantly damages underlayer, changes variety of soil parameters). Moreover, an analysis of logging machines telemetry data is valuable now because of transition to more rational and cautious forest resources usage. Also, due to reduction of an available timber fund – grows reasonability of logging under the highland and on the weak soils conditions. The real-time analysis kind of parameters becomes a necessity, for example: nominal ground pressure, rotation angle, surface slope etc.  Beyond this point, in this article are highlighted some frequent logging disturbances, which one can promptly reveal and prevent an aggravation by utilizing logging machines telemetry data. There is considered the forest stand damage problem under logging machines movement, the new method against it is proposed. There are given some recommendations and conclusions based on the foregoing.

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