Pilot model as a means of validation of advanced crew cockpit and on-board equipment set

I.I. Greshnikov, L.S. Kuravsky, S.D. Logachev, I.A. Makhortov


Given the growing importance of the human factor as the cause of flight accidents and the active development of aviation technology, this study focuses on creating an aircraft pilot integrated model. This model is designed to validate advanced crew cockpits and on-board equipment sets, taking into account the psychophysiological and cognitive aspects of pilots' activities. The article describes the conceptual foundations of the pilot model, its structure, including a psychophysiological module and modules for simulating and visualizing pilot activity. The results of the model integration into the prototyping bench, modeling the crew cockpit and the complex of on-board equipment of an advanced aircraft and preliminary testing of the pilot model components as part of this prototyping bench are presented. The results of the researching demonstrate the potential of the model to be used as a means of validating promising solutions implemented on board aircraft. Individual components of the model can be used directly on board the aircraft, as a means of control and intellectual support for the pilot, as well as for forming control commands into the navigation system in difficult flight modes.

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