Analysis of NFC technology evolution

Kseniia Nikitina, Mariia Melnikova, Kamil Biliatdinov


An analysis of the development and capabilities of NFC technology has highlighted its growing role in short-distance data exchange between modern devices. Operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, NFC technology is an advanced iteration of the RFID contactless data transfer system, enabling devices to interact within a few centimeters of each other. This article examines the primary characteristics of NFC operation, historical aspects of its evolution, the current state of the technology, and future development prospects and its influence on contemporary technological solutions. NFC offers several modes of operation, contributing to its versatility and adaptability to various usage scenarios. Presently, it finds applications in a wide range of fields, from simple mobile payments to medical equipment. Despite its numerous advantages, there are certain challenges, such as data security concerns. However, its prevalence and relevance persist because NFC is often used in conjunction with software solutions that provide additional, more robust layers of protection. Thanks to active development and the incorporation of modern innovations, NFC offers new opportunities for effective application in the field of telecommunications.

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