Statistical vulnerabilities in Uniswap V3 Price Oracle

Pavel Anokhin


Decentralized applications in blockchain make extensive use of the price oracles for a variety of purposes. All price oracle providers possess some unique security risks. This paper studies the statistical properties of one of the very popular price oracle providers – Uniswap v3 price oracle, and the statistical vulnerabilities which might arise from the usage of this price oracle. The study is performed using the Uniswap v3 historical trading data from the blockchain and the historical trading data from the Binance exchange for the ETH / USDT cryptocurrencies trading pair. The security consequences and possible statistical vulnerabilities which arise from the usage of Uniswap v3 oracle price based on the results of the study are discussed and the recommendations on procedures and measures to mitigate these vulnerabilities are given. The study can be of a practical use to blockchain software developers and smart contract auditors to better secure applications using the Uniswap v3 price oracles.

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