Development of software for monitoring the dynamic characteristics of spatial lattice structures

E.E. Istratova, A.N. Kozhevnikov, P.V. Lastochkin, E.V. Glinin


Control of the actual technical condition of overhead power transmission line supports is an urgent task that has not been fully resolved at the moment. The article presents the results of the analysis of the subject area, on the basis of which software was developed for monitoring and controlling the technical condition of power transmission line supports during their operation. In the course of the work, the object of study was identified, the subject area was studied, as well as the most common operational defects and their impact on the strength of structures of power transmission line supports. Then the analysis of the software for carrying out strength calculations was carried out, the methodology for conducting the experiment was determined, and the goals, objectives, and functions of the software were formulated. The developed software is a web application for automating the processes of collecting and processing data on the state of transmission line supports. Control of the operation of supports is carried out by analyzing and comparing the obtained spectra of natural oscillations of the frequencies of the supports with their calculated values. The finished software product can be used for educational and research purposes to monitor the dynamic characteristics of spatial lattice structures.

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