Process mining technologies for handling rare events when an exploit is committed

X.A. Lifanova, K.S. Zaytsev


The desire to apply information technology in all spheres of human activity recently requires new approaches to process management. This article is devoted to solving the problem of using the Process Mining technology to identify illegitimate influences on various processes based on information from event logs to ensure information security. For this, an algorithm for generating artificial event logs based on a first-order Markov chain has been developed, which successfully interacts with Process Mining algorithms to search for exploits. The study of the influence of the size and qualitative characteristics of the intermediate model in the form of a system of transitions on the size and qualitative characteristics of the target model in the form of a Petri net when converting using the algorithm of regions has been carried out. The results obtained will improve the efficiency of processing large data sets by Process Mining algorithms in order to build process models and, as a result, improve the applicability of algorithms that are sensitive to the size of input data when working with large event logs of real information systems.

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