Intelligent Support to Real Estate Use Decisions for Urbanized Areas Management

I. S. Zelenskiy, D. S. Parygin, O. V. Savina, A. A. Finogeev, A. A. Shuklin, A. Yu. Antyufeev


Management of real estate in urban areas plays an important role in the socio-economic development of municipalities. At the same time, an important stage of the analysis of the effectiveness of possible alternative uses for each specific management object and the interest of a potential consumer in it is currently being missed. The article considered the issues of analysis of prospective use of real estate, formalized the process of urban areas management by local governments, and proposed an approach to assessing the most effective use of objects (vacant lands and built-up areas), implementation of which is meant to increase the objectivity of decision-making for rational use of real estate objects and optimization of meeting the needs of the local population. It is proposed to implement information and analytical support of the planning process using the developed ads processing and real estate valuating subsystem of the geoanalytical microservice platform The article describes the algorithms and software created for the procedure of information preparing for assessing the consumer properties of real estate objects, algorithms for the criteria weights determining and direct objects evaluation. Examples of data processing on real estate objects and architecture by developed software solutions are given.

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